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Roses multiply through cuttings

Roses multiply through cuttings

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The propagation of cuttings is very simple

Roses can be very delicate plants that are difficult to multiply or refine. The garden centers, in particular, tend to refine the plants. But there is also another option, namely that Roses multiply through cuttings.

The propagation of cuttings is, however, much easier to carry out than the refinement. This method is particularly useful for shrub roses, climbing roses or ground cover plants.

The best time to cut cuttings is in summer from late June to late August. Rose shoots with a freshly faded flower head are selected.

Multiply roses by cuttings in 6 steps

  1. Cut off a shoot with a freshly faded flower head. Place the secateurs straight about 3 millimeters below the 5th eye. By the way: the flowers are counted downwards.
  2. The faded flower cup is removed with a cut just above the leaves underneath. Only the top leaves have to remain (explained here in the picture).
  3. The soil should be loose and humus-rich. Never add compost as this can cause the cutting to be poorly rooted.
  4. Now insert the cutting deep into the earth, so that only the remaining pair of leaves looks out of the earth. Make sure that you choose a place for the cutting that is only reached by the sun in the morning.
  5. Now cover the cutting with an empty preserving jar. An empty PET water bottle does the same. To do this, cut off the bottom of the bottle and drill a few small holes in the bottle neck. Then put the bottle together with the lid over the cutting.
  6. Ultimately, the cutting needs to be watered regularly. The earth must neither be too damp nor too dry. If you use jars as a greenhouse, you have to raise them every now and then to aerate the cuttings so that they do not rot.

➤ Remember that it takes a long time for the cutting to be well rooted. Therefore, it should not be transplanted to the final location until next year at the earliest. Even if the rose shows many shoots, the roots are still very weak.