Chrysanthemum rust - How to fight the pest

Chrysanthemum rust - How to fight the pest

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The chrysanthemum rust is a pest of the chrysanthemum that settles on the leaves in the form of greenish-white or yellow spots.

The "imperial flower", the chrysanthemum, should not be missing in a garden. As a busy autumn flower, it is just as popular as gladiolus. The White chrysanthemum rust is a pest that can harm the chrysanthemum.

chrysanthemum rust
The white chrysanthemum rust is noticeable by greenish-white or yellow spots on the top of the leaf. The flour-like fluff on the underside of the leaf must be treated with a special fungicide.

If you also have roses with pests, you can use the "rose spray" from specialist shops for both plants. The plants should be sprayed three times at intervals of 8-10 days, because this is how you can eradicate the pest.

Do not plant chrysanthemums too tightly
To avoid this procedure, the chrysanthemums should not be put together too closely when planting. This ensures that the leaves of the flower are not too close together and can dry out faster.

The chrysanthemum rust can only develop if the plant leaves are constantly wet and the fungus can develop as a result. Spider mites can also be treated this way. However, the treatment must be repeated again and again so that the later hatching mites are also included.