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Lawn grows into the bed - 4 tips against it

Lawn grows into the bed - 4 tips against it

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Nothing is worse for a hobby gardener than a nicely laid out bed, into which the lawn is slowly but surely working its way. Of the Lawn grows into the bed and you're just plucking, plucking, plucking. Or you don't let one of our tips get you this far:

  1. Create boundaries
    With embedded stones you can create a nice border between the bed and the lawn. Make sure that the stones are inserted deep enough, otherwise the grass will grow under the stones.
  2. Form a natural boundary
    With plants that grow together into small hedges, you can keep the grass in check. Box trees or lavender are particularly suitable for this.
  3. Use bark mulch
    It not only looks chic in the bed, but also reduces grass growth in it. Bark mulch needs to be replenished from time to time, however, as it rots naturally.
  4. Create lawn edges
    You can also help yourself with artificial elements. How about the nostalgic way? Looks pretty and the grass is calm

Not that difficult, is it? And even the visual is taken care of.


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