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Video: cut onions without tears - Here's how

Video: cut onions without tears - Here's how

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Everyone knows the problem. You start to cut an onion and within a few seconds your eyes start to water. Relaxed cutting is no longer an option. You always hang on your eyes with a handkerchief or stand half blind in front of the kitchen table.

It doesn't have to be that way. Not if you know the right tricks that don't make you cry. In the video from Focus Online, David Seitz gives us various tips against tears. In addition, the biologist Prof. Angelika Vollmar explains why the eyes bite at all.

After this video clip I grabbed an onion and tried the tips and lo and behold: it worked. Goodbye sunglasses! 😉

Did you know?

Red onions are significantly healthier than yellow or white ones. They contain more antioxidants and therefore have more health benefits than their comrades.

The consumption of onions protects against diabetes and promotes weight loss. They are also a healing agent for inflammation. However, the healing effect does not come only through enjoyment, the onion can also be used outside, such as for ear pain and cough.