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Weeding - Our tip: It's easier after rain

Weeding - Our tip: It's easier after rain

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Weeding - Weeding is easier after the rain

weed is not desired in most gardens and must therefore be weeded. You can make this job easier if you wait for the next rain.

If you do not remove the weeds from the bed in time, it can take away the light and water from the other plants. This prevents the other plants from growing.

It is particularly difficult when the weeds have to be removed from a hard soil. The hoe is of course an ideal tool here. However, weeds are easier to remove from the ground if you have waited for a downpour.

Rain softens the ground

Of the rain then softens the ground accordingly, so that you can pull out the weeds partially without problems. This way you get hold of the root of the weed and not just certain parts of the plant.

No rain? - Take a watering can

If there is no rain for a few days and you still have to weed, it is easier to moisten the soil with the watering can. Even so, weeds can be removed from the soil without effort.


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