Fragrant night bloomers: These plants bloom at night

Fragrant night bloomers: These plants bloom at night

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Plants actually bloom during the day, but as so often there is an exception. And this is called night bloomers. We'll tell you which plants are included here.

Queen of the Night

In the evening, enjoy your own garden with a glass of wine and candlelight, plus a beguiling scent that emanates from the plants that frame the terraces and balconies. Or magnificent flowers that still offer their full beauty at night - what could be nicer?

Now that is a truly stunning reason that we should definitely pay attention to when planning the garden. Accordingly, you should definitely use night-flowering and night-scented plants in your garden. In this way, you can still enjoy a beautiful and, above all, wonderfully fragrant floral splendor even in the evening. We'll tell you which plant belongs to such night bloomers.

Overview of night flowering plants

➤ Night bloomers with particularly beautiful flower colors


At night, flowers shine mainly in the colors white, cream, pink and yellow. A few varieties are also able to show off their bright colors in pink, orange and red in the late hours. This includes, for example, the gold lacquer.

The white night bloomers include the famous Snow White roses, oleanders, daisies and dahlias. But hanging begonia, fuchsias, hydrangeas as well as the snowflake flower and some more are also included.


Night-blooming water lilies in a garden pond are particularly impressive, e.g. “Red Flare” (blooming red), “Texas Shell pink” (pink) and “Wood's White Knight” (white, very large, spherical flower).

➤ Particularly wonderfully fragrant night bloomers

ornamental tobacco

The angel trumpet and the white lily are certainly among the most intense night scents. They combine a proud bloom with a sweet fragrance component. But also the white honeysuckle, ornamental tobacco, levkoys and the star gladiolus spray a fine-smelling fragrance in the garden at night.


The white “moon flower”, a graceful climbing plant, is ideal for covering pergola and patio protection.

➤ Night-scented spice plants

lemon balm

But some spice plants also appeal to our sense of smell especially at night. These include, for example, wild marjoram, lemon balm, mint or chives blooming in purple.


Simply plant some chives in small pots and use them as table decorations at night, for example at a barbecue party. Your guests will be amazed by this decoration.

➤ Night flowering potted plants for the winter garden

angel's Trumpet

And even in a winter garden, it is easily possible to effectively place night flowering plants (tub plants) all year round. The “Queen of the Night” (cactus of the year 2009), which unfolds its full splendor only a few hours, is well suited for this.

The angel trumpets, the oleander, the moonflower and some cactus varieties are much more suitable as wonderful night-flowering potted plants for the winter garden.