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Integrate swimming pool in garden - 4 possibilities presented

Integrate swimming pool in garden - 4 possibilities presented

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Swimming in the lake is a nice thing - but it is even nicer to jump into your own pool. If you want to integrate it in the garden, you have 4 options.

Planned pool - the noblest variant

Especially on hot summer days, pretty much everyone would like to own a “cooling water”. Swim a lane, splash around and dive - there is probably nothing better on hot days. Most reject the idea of ​​integrating a swimming pool in the garden, but at the latest when it comes to the question of costs. Such a pool doesn't even have to be expensive.

A basic distinction is made between swimming pools firmly integrated in the garden (embedded in the floor and free-standing), flexible pool facilities and children's paddling pool. So there should actually be something for every wallet and garden size.

Possibilities to integrate a swimming pool in the garden

➤ Option 1 - pool embedded in the floor:

With the stable swimming pools, you can place a pool with a floor plan in your garden as well as a built-on structure. In the case of the planned pool systems, “bathtubs” are often used in a floor area previously excavated from the ground. That is why most pools also have a hot-dip galvanized and well-insulated steel jacket construction. This is usually the noblest variant of a pool.

➤ Tips on dimensions and assembly instructions can be found here.

➤ Option 2 - above-ground swimming pool:

above-ground swimming pools - can be dressed up nicely

The above-ground swimming pools are also very often offered in the form of steel jacket structures, or occasionally also made of polystyrene stones. The cladding of the individual pools is mostly made of pressure-impregnated wooden planks or sturdy, easy-care plastic planks. Of course, the pool can also be beautifully clad with many other options (see picture) or integrated in the garden.

Steel basins and steel wall pools can be supplemented with tarpaulins, small technology boxes, various cleaning sets (reading tip: cleaning the pool - instructions and tips), a wide variety of filter pumps, maintenance sets, lighting fixtures (also for underwater areas), massage jets, additional hanging ladders and the like ,

➤ Option 3 - flexible pool facilities / quick-up pool:

Quick-up pool - the cheapest pool variant

Flexible pool facilities are usually made of hard-wearing film, which is why they always have to be set up on a completely level surface. The majority of these basins are designed in a round or oval shape, which significantly facilitates their flexible construction. The average dimensions are usually between 3 and 4 meters in diameter.

Modern pool systems are also inflatable in a ring, equipped with good filter systems, easy to maintain and to store in the frost-free rooms in a space-saving manner over the winter months. Many flexible swimming pools are now also offered as a complete set, which is extremely inexpensive and yet of high quality.

➤ Quick-up pools with pumps from approx. 100 euros

➤ Option 4 - children's paddling pool:

Paddling pool - even suitable for small children

Colorful paddling pools for children are offered in different sizes and designs, depending on their age. A characteristic of such a paddling pool is its flexibility (can be easily assembled and disassembled), which in turn makes it very easy to clean. And this is an important point, because after all, children's paddling pools (if they are using very small children) should best be emptied and cleaned (partially disinfected) every day to avoid bacteria formation in the children's pool.

➤ Paddling pool with inflatable floor from approx. 10 euros


For larger children's paddling pools, it is advisable to buy a tarpaulin, because then you can use the water filling for several days (economical use).

In addition, it is advisable to install appropriate sun protection (some of which is already integrated in the pool) above the paddling pool.

2 important requirements before buying a pool

  1. The most important point for decision making is probably the space required in the garden. If you live for rent or have leased the garden, be sure to ask your landlord before you start the "renovation work". If it is only a small paddling pool, this is of course not necessary. If you plan to buy a house with a garden in the foreseeable future, you should save yourself the effort. You cannot easily implement a pool. To keep the costs as low as possible, do your research for a home with a pool before you buy. Reputable real estate portals offer such properties from time to time, and not just across Germany. Simply use the appropriate filter functions.
  2. Then you should then clarify the needs of all users very precisely. The frequency of use is also important for the design or equipment. If you clarify these points, you are already a big step ahead in decision making. In conclusion, everything is just a question of cost.