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Rent garden tools instead of buying - 2 options presented

Rent garden tools instead of buying - 2 options presented

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Buying a garden tool is not always necessary. This is why it means renting garden tools instead of buying them. We present two ways of doing this here.

Rent garden tools instead of buying them

Buying a garden tool is not particularly useful if you can already foresee in advance that the long-term benefit will be very low. After all, many garden tools are usually only needed once a season, such as the leaf blower. Why such devices are necessary, but the purchase of a high-quality device is not really worthwhile. Therefore, it is advisable to rent garden tools that are rarely needed for the duration of each use.

A distinction is made between commercial rental, where most devices are adequately insured against defects, and private exchange of devices with one another. In the last variant, however, liability for the faultless return of a rental property always lies with the person to be loaned. Both options are explained here in detail.

2 options for renting / letting presented

Possibility 1 - commercial rental:

Garden centers and horticultural companies on site are certainly the first points of contact if you want to borrow garden equipment. But nowadays, internet service providers that operate across regions also allow garden equipment to be rented in a relatively unconventional way.

You should always first ask all commercial providers what rental conditions and costs are to be expected in relation to individual rental properties. You also have to agree on the rental period and the transport of individual devices - especially for large rental properties, such as a log splitter - meet.

➤ Important:

In the case of a commercial rental, you should always read the associated terms and conditions from the landlord carefully. Especially when you sign a rental agreement for the respective device.

Possibility 2 - private exchange:

A private loan of garden tools is mostly based on a trust basis towards the person to be loaned, because the lender wants to make sure that he gets his garden tool back in perfect condition.

Always precisely define a loan period for private exchanges and adhere to them, as well as agreeing a small reimbursement of expenses, e.g. for the petrol consumption of a chainsaw, the wear of a saw blade, etc.

➤ Tip:

Another option for the private exchange of garden tools is that you talk to other garden owners about who gets which garden tools and then exchange them with each other.

Important: Check devices before renting

It goes without saying that you treat a rented or borrowed garden tool with particular care by the respective user and return it to the lender / landlord in a neat (cleaned) condition. Any defects that may have occurred during use must of course be immediately disclosed when you return them, and of course you must also pay for the damage.

However, you should always check that the devices are fully functional before you borrow them and, if necessary, make a written note about existing defects. In most cases, this also avoids disputes between friends and neighbors!