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Garden lighting for fantastic lighting effects

Garden lighting for fantastic lighting effects

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There are also weatherproof lanterns

The garden should also look good in the dark. The right lighting is important so that you can spend a long time there on warm summer evenings. On the one hand, of course, this means creating light wherever you are, i.e. on the terrace or in the pavilion.

But that's not all. Because those who use light skilfully make their garden a real eye-catcher even in the dark.

Solar lamps and light stones

For example, paths can be illuminated with solar lamps integrated in the floor. Luminous stones are also always welcome.

Fairy lights for outdoors

If you have unusual plants in the garden, you can also illuminate them. Fairy lights in tree tops are a hit or spotlight in the reeds.

Pond lighting

Lights can even be installed in a garden pond so that it glows in the dark. Use, for example, LED light strips, which are available in every hardware store. Special underwater lamps create wonderful light reflections and make the pond the highlight of your garden.

The normal wall lamps, as they used to be, are long out of date and out of date. Not particularly atmospheric either. Make more of your garden even in the dark and you will enjoy the evenings there even more.