Water spinach: cultivation and care

Water spinach: cultivation and care

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The water spinach, which is very popular in Asia, can also be grown in our latitudes. How this works and how it looks with care, read here.

Water spinach is very healthy

The water spinach prefers cultivation in the greenhouse or during the summer season outdoors. You can either pull the water spinach as a sprout for direct consumption or sow it in swampy soil. The latter variant is suitable for eating the water spinach as fresh vegetables. We would now like to introduce both types of attachment to you here.

Grow water spinach

»Rung cultivation

To grow sprouts, you need to wash the seeds of the water spinach under running water and place them overnight in a bowl filled with fresh water. For healthy sprout cultivation, you should always use a so-called sprout tower (also called sprout box), which is available from gardening stores or from Amazon.

The sprouts of the water spinach germinate from the third day and the harvest can start from around the 10th to the 12th day. A consistent germ temperature of around 20 degrees is recommended.

»Growing seeds

If you plant the water spinach in the soil, you should plant the seeds in fresh growing soil if possible (about 0.5 centimeters below the soil layer). Then you have to make sure that you keep the water spinach moist throughout, because only then can it really thrive.

It is also important that you always choose a bright, sunny location where possible, e.g. on the windowsill. Here, too, the temperature should not fall below 20 degrees.

After about two weeks you can then separate the seedlings and place them outdoors, provided that temperatures of around 20 degrees already prevail there. Or you can raise the water spinach in the greenhouse, in a winter garden or in a light-flooded room.

Care of the water spinach

During its mostly one-year growth, Asian water spinach always needs a moist (not wet) soil that is as nutrient-rich as possible.

If necessary, you can also provide the spinach with a complete fertilizer for the first few days. However, since it is a type of vegetable, you should largely do without additional fertilizers.

Harvest water spinach

A first harvest of these healthy vegetables is usually possible after 4 to 6 weeks - depending on the environment or temperature conditions - which makes their relatively easy cultivation particularly pleasant for a gardener. The entire leaf that can be consumed together with its stem is harvested, e.g. steamed as a vegetable side dish, fried or cooked as a soup topping.


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