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Fertilize under bark mulch - 2 options presented

Fertilizing under the bark mulch seems to be a problem for some. It is very simple. Here are 2 ways that fertilization works under bark mulch. Fertilization also under the bark mulch. Even if you have spread bark mulch in the garden bed, you can or must still provide the plants with sufficient fertilizer.
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What to do when blackbirds chop crocus flowers?

Blackbirds like to chop crocus flowers. Blackbirds have a strange occupation when the crocuses bloom. It is not uncommon to see that the blackbirds literally chop up the crocus flowers. A reason for this behavior is sought in the assumption that the blackbirds want to feed their offspring, which has just hatched, with the colored juice, which is the signpost to the nectar.
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Vegetables and their pests

You should collect Colorado beetles - if the vegetables are spared from diseases, then various pests can still fall on them. Here are the five most common pests. Fighting diseases and pests Vegetables are not only healthy, they also taste twice as good from your own garden.
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Painting paving stones - step by step instructions

Make old from new: If paving stones are old and weathered, you do not have to replace them. Finally, paving stones can also be painted. We show you how it works. Paving stones in different colors If they are newly laid, they look great. 5 years later only weathered. However, it is quite normal for paving stones to lose their beautiful appearance over time.
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Growing lavender - that's how it's done

If you want to bring a touch of Provence into the garden, then you should definitely grow lavender. Find out how to do it here. Landmark of Provence: the lavender Landmark of Provence: the lavender Lavender, the symbol of Provence, simply belongs in every garden.
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